Lizards for Sale

Lexington, KY

Rango. Veiled Chameleon


Lodi, NJ

Baby Veiled Chameleons.



Bearded Dragons


Kimball, MI

Sweet dee - Savanna Monitor


Kimball, MI

Tadd cooper - Bearded Dragon



Live Healthy Lizard W Big Lizard Habitat


Dixon, CA

Igby - Female Beardie


Dixon, CA

Spike - Male Beardie


Lexington, IL

Savannah Monitor


Las Vegas, NV

Baby Ambanja Panther Chameleons


Attica, MI

Diggy - 2terrariums & All of Its Fixings Included in Sale of Blue Iguana


Boyd, TX

Ducky - Albino Iguana


Oregon City, OR

Iggy smalls - Baby Blue Igauna


Whitney, TX

Rough Neck Monitor Male Baby


Sandwich, MA

Two Healthy Green Anoles


Orlando, FL

Axanthic Iguana (Blue)


Bethpage, NY

Pair Horned “Toads”


Bethpage, NY

Pair of Ornate Curly Tails